Jim with a well earned streamer brown.

We finally attended the Simms annual Ice Out down in Bozeman the last several days. Our good friend Jim Mcallister from NRS Rafts was displaying his boats / fishing related goodies at the show and he said he could use a hand. Sounded like a good reason to go fish Bozeman. We didn’t have any hook-ups on private spring creeks with huge dry fly eating brown trout so we went down to the lower Yellowstone and punished ourselves in the wind for a few nice fish on streamers.

The guide olympics were pretty entertaining and there were some vendors displaying new products and giving away free schwag. We really liked the NRS paddle boards. What a great tool for the DIY guy headed to the salt or fishing slow water around MT. It will be great for site fishing pike and hitting the lakes. It breaks down into a backpack that weighs 35LBs so you could throw it in the smallest of rental cars no prob.  If you have a few extra beers starting to push out your front butt, hop on and do some paddling…..it’s good exercise too. We got one for the shop so swing by to check it out.

Check out Simms Facebook page for photos from the Ice Out.

"McMac" with a river snake from the Yellowstone.



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