We’ve had some moisture the last few days that cleared the smoke out. Fishing has been good to great. The Flathead came back to life and has some decent fish looking up in the afternoons. Clarkfork &  Blackfoot are both fishing well. Dry droppers in the morning with hoppers, foam attractors, or October caddis as the lead fly followed by jig perdigons, PTs, princes, hares ears, TB Micro turds etc… A mid sized parachute mayfly with a smallish cripple off the back in the afternoon has been working well. Moose tails, para crips, harrops cripples, last chance cripple, DOA cripples, good old adams etc…

We’re coming in hot to October and looking forward to some cool afternoons and BWOs. Crowds have mellowed a bit as folks are spread out doing some hunting and school activities. The next month should be enjoyable.

Jason Lanier
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