Flathead foam eater.

While much of the state is suffering through the  “dog days”(warm water and hot weather) of summer, the Flathead is providing cool water and good dry fly fishing from bell to bell right now. You can pretty much put on a #12 foamie and never change all day. Or a natural fibered pattern if that’s your thing, it really doesn’t matter. Lots of action and a few decent fish has been the norm.

The lower Clark Fork and Blackfoot have been mediocre and will probably stay that way until we start to see some cool nights in a couple weeks. If you are hitting one these rivers, get out early and get off early. We’ve had a couple decent reports from the Blackfoot Canyon early in the day so that might be the spot for the dawn patrol mission.  Spruce moths popped for a few days last week and then seamed to disappear….Maybe they will be back?

Jason Lanier
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