Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing

McMac with a respectable local bow.

The cool weather has made for some pleasant smoke free afternoons in the boat. We have luckily escaped fires here locally and have enjoyed the big blue skies Montana has to offer.  Back to school ads are a reminder of the season changing over soon.  Flip flops and hoppers for now…

Flathead River Fishing Report

The Fishing through-out the Flathead system has been productive. Spruce moths are waning but the terrestrial fishing is still strong. Ants, bees, black flies, hornets, hoppers…Small and black works well. Small home brewed foam flies are also working well – plenty of action the last week on #12 foam flies.  Finding something a little different this time of year can go a long way, as does a good drift.

Blackfoot River & Clark Fork River Report

Not much new to report. Small foam hopper-ish variations in the am have been getting attention from nice fish. Spruce moths are fading but still present on the Blackfoot. The weather has made things better later as clouds and cool weather do in mid August. Water temps are in the mid/upper 60’s – tolerable but less than ideal. Air temps are forecasted back in the 90’s soon…that will certainly warm the rivers back up and put the kibosh on the fishing after noon. Go early, throw a hopper.

Dry Flies of the Week

Fathead Beetle, True wasp, true house fly, spruce moth, stalcup hoppers & cricket, small pink morish, small sweetgrass hopper, UV flying ants.

Loads of new Logo wear in the shop. Sun hoodies, tri-blends, sun shirts, and hats all with the new logo. Some new bass poppers and terrestrials stuff too.


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