More tying materials…

It’s common this time of year to have both the decoys and the snowboard in the back of the truck. It has hardly been above freezing for several weeks so thoughts of fishing have been on the back burner. Tax season and inventory haven’t helped either. However, the waterfowl hunting has been super fun and the recent 15” cream-pie the Big Mountain just received made for a legendary powder day today. Not only did we get a foot+ but the mountain was empty. Unheard of these days, especially after a 3 week dry spell. A great surprise and some much needed water in the hills for summer flows. Hopefully it keeps coming.

We have another week of waterfowl hunting before it closes for the season and we’ll be out collecting more tying materials at least a couple more times. There is nothing as good as the cdc straight from the ducks ass. Those oily feathers float like a cork and are much better than the processed store bought version. We will be cinching some down on our skwala patterns over the next couple months in preparation for spring dry fly fishing. It will be here very soon.

Soon enough we’ll dig the jet sled out of the garage and poke around a few of our favorite winter lies on the Flathead, check back for a report. Or view our last fishing report as nothing will change for a while…Nymphs, streamers, maybe a midge appearance, blah blah blah pink stuff blah blah…The Flathead might seem a bit low right now after last year when they were running it way high, but it’s right at average flow making it pretty easy to pick out the holding water. Look for temps above freezing and the fishing should be decent.


Empty lines at noon on a powder day!

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