Flows are starting to come down just about everywhere. Cold nights and cool dry days are in the forecast so that trend should continue. We should have some decent fishing options on the rivers as flows continue to fall. Some of our lower elevation lakes are opening up as well providing some good fishing while the rivers are in/out of shape. Bass and pike fishing should start to happen as the water temps warm a bit in the next few weeks.

Look for some march browns, skwala stones, little winter stones, & BWOs in the afternoons. If you’re hitting the lakes you’ll want some balanced leeches and chironomids. There is construction in down town Bigfork but you can park next door at Lake Baked or at Bridge Street Cottages. Give us call if you headed down to make sure someone is in the shop. We’ve been out doing some spring recon so we might not be in there.

BFA Sparkle Skwalas are back in stock!

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