Looking at the prediction graphs would have you believe run-off is pretty much over on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot. I’m sure we’ll see another push of some sort but it looks like that’s gonna be about it. The Snotel Sites are saying we don’t have much snow but Looking at the Missions, Pintlers, & Swan Ranges would make you think otherwise.

The flows have been dropping for a week and the Blackfoot, Clark Fork and Upper Swan are all in play. Those that have experienced the dry fly fishing the Lower Clark Fork can produce in May are always willing to roll the dice and head down when the flows cooperate. Warm weather and dropping flows are the recipe.

Good reports from the Blackfoot with the lower end starting to show some fish looking up for the big bug. The Streamer bite has also been worthy. Looks like it’s going to maintain stable flows for the near future.

We have been bouncing back and forth from the Missouri and squeezing a few local trips in on the down slope of the spring runoff surges. Salmon flies on the Swan are over but we had some great dry fly fishing when no one was looking. The next few days should be a good bet on C-fork, Blackfoot, or Upper Swan if you want to skip the long haul over the pass.

The summer flows prediction for 16 is looking pretty ok compared to last year. I’m ready for a season without closures and smoke that’s for sure.



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