Our rivers have all been on a steady drop and clearing rapidly. The Flathead and Blackfoot are in good shape and fishing well. The NOAA forecast graphs all seem to think we will get a spike in flows with the precip in the forecast, but they have been missing their mark lately. Either way, we could certainly use some rain and cool weather – our rivers are currently flowing at less than half their normal flow. Hopefully we’ll continue to get some moisture and cool weather.

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report

The Flathead river has been fishing good. There’s been a few salmon flies this past week and we’ve enjoyed watching some fish smash the big bug. Normally the river is too high when they’re around. They’ll also eat pretty much whatever other foam fly you want to toss out there. It’s not lights out but the big dries are getting enough attention to keep it interesting. You can also throw a big cripple or parachute off the back to help increase your dry fly odds. Or run a long dropper off the foamie including a tung prince, jig turd, tung pt softie, tung jig haresear, SJW, jig frenchie, etc. The green troughs have been loaded up with scrappy little 12-15″ cutties. A few nicer fish are showing themselves as well and we’ve had a couple shark attacks adding to the over all excitement. It’s been pretty solid out there.

Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot is fishing pretty good river wide. Some Salmon flies are around on certain stretches and should continue to intensify with warmer weather. Keep an eye on the rain forecast and the river graphs as things could change rapidly and spoil your day. There is substantial rain in the forecast that could dump a mud plug. Otherwise bring your salmon flies, streamers, chunky stonefly nymphs, TJs, SJWs, and some TB jig attractor nymphs.

Clark Fork River

Not quite in the zone and still carrying a bit of color but you could probably catch some fish. There’s big rain in the forecast so keep an eye on it. It’s getting really close to the sweet spot…

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