Bigfork Montana Fly Fishing

Ryan Stultz displays his customers chunky Flathead River rainbow.

The fall fishing is kicking in, not quite full fledged mayfly madness but pretty darn good out there right now. Local folks are starting to vacate the rivers in pursuit of big game with their bow, thinning the river traffic a bit. Cool weather and moisture have kicked out the smoke and brought the water temps into the comfy feeding zone. Some bigger critters starting to appear out of their summer hidey holes to look for a snack. Will you be the lucky recipient? The forecast is looking GREAT! Clouds, cool temps, and rain in the 10 day forecast will only help to keep’m on the feed bag and kick the mayflies into gear. Good fishing in the forecast…

Dry flies of the week

Moosetail chute, last chance drake, baby chubs, orange pmx, purple haze, RP ant, purple UV ant, small morrish hoppers, Nunya foamies

Nymphs of the week

Small tung stones, SJWs, Tung Halo prince, orange turds, P-tail tung soft hackles


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