“The Badger” with a slabo bow.

It really hasn’t felt much like fall. The days of dark grey drizzly skies, blankets of mayflies and fish rising everywhere have not come to fruition. Blazing sun and warm temps have been the norm for most of our late season. It looks like more of the same in the forecast. There is always a trade off – we may not have the mayflies and overcast skies but sandals and hopper fishing isn’t all that bad. Yes, they are still eating hoppers…

We’ve been scattered from here to the Missouri, Bitterrroot, Clark Fork, Blackfoot, and back again over the last few weeks. All tactics have been deployed to put fish in the net. The fish are on the fall feed bag for sure but you might have to mix it up to keep the rod bent all day. Or just be patient and stick with your method, eventually they’ll eat it…if you’re patient.  Hopefully we will see some of the mayfly weather we typically enjoy this time of year before it starts getting frigid.

Jason Lanier
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