Fall fishing is here. The weather has been stupendously delightful. Hovering around 70 and calm. So nice. Bugs are starting to pop off more regular in the afternoons and fish are eating the dry well after lunch. Still some hopper action too. Looks like some moisture and buggy weather is heading our way so the hatches should ramp up a notch. Really a nice time to be on the water.

We have been spending most of our time on the Clark Fork but we have trips out daily on the Flathead and a few on the Blackfoot as well. Everything is fishing pretty well in the afternoons. It’s getting cold at night so the morning will require a dropper. Or just go late. Small SJWs, tung jig p-tails/price nymphs, and smallish tung stonefly variations will get your body count up in the morning if you want to go early and beat the crowds. Parachute mayflies, or cripples off of an October caddis in the afternoon is a solid plan. This next month is going to be enjoyable. Good hatches and quiet rivers are in the forecast.

Jason Lanier
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