The weather is really nice, the skies are clear, and the fish are rising. Pretty pleasant on the river right now. Haven’t been seeing too much traffic and neither have the fish. The forecast is primo for the near future.

Fall fishing is in full swing. The afternoons are providing consistent dry fly fishing with little mayfly offerings. The mornings are a bit chilly so bring a hoodie. Some 5x and a little mayfly is all you need in the afternoon to pluck risers. Fish are spread out river wide so the glassy painfully slow water will produce too. The October caddis will hunt in the afternoons and can get some exciting explosions. It’s a great time of year to put your feet up, soak up some fall sunshine and flick a dry fly.

Purple mints, moose tails, quig crips, DOA crips, Harrop crips, Last chance crips, October caddis, Tilt wings, purple haze…

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