The weather has been glorious. Rain and cool temps made the last week feel more like September than late August. Good thing as it was hot and dry for way to long. All good now – the smoke is gone, hoot owl has been lifted and it’s been smooth sailing. Crowds have thinned and the afternoons have been very pleasant. The fishing across the region has picked up with the cool down and should continue to improve as we see some fall bugs start to show. Terrestrial season will start transitioning into mayfly season as this cool weather keeps coming. Look for October caddis, mohogany duns, sulphers, & hecubas in the coming weeks to take the place of hoppers, ants and beetles. We will surely get another dose of summer soon so hopper/attractor fishing will continue as well. School starts this week, fall is here…

All those lakes you loved so much in the spring are cooling down and coming back online too. If you looking for some solitude think about hitting one of your favorite lakes.


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