Water temps are good just about everywhere, and even though we will certainly see some more hot summer days, we should be out of the dog days at this point. A few rain events have blessed us with clear skies and clean air so we really haven’t had to deal with smoke much here in the valley. We are lucky as it has been smokey in other parts of the state. Thank the fire fighters and pray for the families who have homes and land in danger.

As for the fishing, we are still on the terrestrial program. Ants, beetles, hoppers, bees, hornets, wasps, and house flies have been working well. A few hecubas(fall drakes) have been spotted so you might hunt with an oversized parachute or cripple rather than a hopper on some days, although hoppers have been working well. The rivers are noticeably quieter as of late. Kids are starting school around the country and the splash and giggle traffic is almost gone. With Archery and upland seasons around the corner the rivers should continue to see lighter traffic. Before you know it we’ll be reaching for waders and puffy coats so take advantage of these nice warm days on the river. They will be gone soon…

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