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Cold fried chicken with a side of butterscotch anyone?

Great reports from all our guide boats on the Clark Fork, Blackfoot, and Flathead the last couple days. The tomahawk pile-up cast five feet off the oar blade hasn’t been doing so well but a 30ft reach down stream gets plenty of eats. The fish above fell for an October caddis right after our gourmet cold fried chicken lunch down on the Clark Fork yesterday. Lots of fish looking for various mayfly and fall caddis patterns yesterday afternoon. Our trouts seem to have settled into the cooler water temps and are on the feed bag pretty hard. Droppers in the am and then October caddis, mahoganies, hecubas, hoppers, and ants all afternoon.  A standard large orange elk hair with a cripple off the back has been a great combo on any drainage. Princes, worms, and turds off something foam in the cool morning hours will keep you busy.Looks like nice weather all week. Can’t wait to get some rain and clouds to kick the mayfly action in….and get rid of some of the smoke.

Jason Lanier
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