Mike “Smitaki” Smith with a beautiful native westlope cutthroat.

Tough decision this time of year… Ski snowboard or fish? Fish! We love winter fishing on the Flathead River. It’s like our own private river. Exceptional fishing today on the big river anyway…..although the Big Mtn looked awfully inviting. The weather was superb. Upper 40’s with a little sun on the face…Perfect winter fishing conditions. Tomorrow looks good too. Don’t be scarred of the river in the winter, it spits out some good fish for the brave fly angler. The ability to read the winter water is helpful too. The fish are not everywhere. Winter holes are about the only spot they are hanging.

We’ve been running a Rio 10ft Indicator Leader down to 2x with a hefty stone followed by a beadhed attractor(prince,Batman,C-bob, Etc…). Stonefly nymphs and beadhead attractors are all you need. Risers will eat a small parachute if you can find them up. It looks like we’ll have a couple more days of fishable weather before the next arctic blast later this week. Go fish!  It’s good!


Great day to be outside!


Flathead River kype.


Another nice native.


Ice shelf.



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