The fall is cruising along. Some really nice warm sunny days with some soggy-rainy-bail water out of the boat days as well. More of both to come in the next couple weeks for sure. Dry fly fishing in the afternoons is worthy, not easy but worth the effort. Fish are in the glassy insides, tailouts, and slicks sipping little mayflies in the afternoons. Psuedos, BWOs, mohaganies, and Oct caddis are on tap. The dry fly window will continue to shrink over the next few weeks so get out and enjoy it before it starts to freeze. Winter nymphing will be here for the duration soon…

Flathead River – The mornings are not the time to be out. 11-5-ish is when you want to go. Fish are up in certain spots eating psuedos in the afternoon. They aren’t that picky but the karate chop pile cast 15ft from the boat ain’t gonna cut it. The dropper bite is mediocre but you can find a few. Perdigons and smaller(#16/14)  tung jigged mayfly stuff will work. Been seeing a few nicer fish up in the afternoons. An Oct caddis and a small mayfly off the back works well.

Lower Clark Fork – So so as of late. The dropper hasn’t been all that hot and the dry fly bite in the afternoon has been spotty. Still fishing better than the Flathead but not as good as it should for this time of year. It’s been beat to death down there the last month… The next couple weeks should be decent though as the crowds have thinned and the mayflies are out.

Blackfoot – Cold in the morning. Deep droppers or slow trolling streamers in the am. Oct caddis with a perdigon or small mayfly dry in the afternoon. BWOs, Mohos, and Oct caddis. Not a bad time of year to commit to the streamer for the day. Big and dark, small and bright, or vice versa? Flashy or drab? Cycle through some different sizes and colors. Usually small and drab gets more action but not always the one your looking for.

Lots of BFA schwag on sale at the Shop as well as the Orvis H3 rods. We have shortened our hours to 11-3:30, sometimes earlier. Give a call before you head in to make sure the shop guy hasn’t gone fishing.

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