A nice Flathead Cutthroat with guide Ryan Stultz.

Flathead River Report

The Flathead is still fishing well. Small parachutes, cripples, c-duns, small foamies and attractors are all getting attention. If the tomahawk or Indiana Jones whip cast is going on then try a dropper. Flashy tung bead attractors, small rubberlegs, and SJWs all work. They will eat the dry if you can throw it 15 ft from the boat with a decent mend…thank you, mend again. Good reports in the mornings and late evenings with plenty of fish looking up. Mid afternoons in the heat can be a challenge but there are still a few fish looking.

Blackfoot River & Clark Fork River Report

You can still role the dry and do good enough  most days. The hot weather, warm water temps, and low flows are starting to settle in . The fishing is still productive but it’s going to get tough over the next couple weeks if we don’t get some cool weather and moisture. If you’re headed to one of these rivers then go early, and be done early. No need to beat on them late in the day with 70 degree water. That’s right, water temps are already peaking out at 70 so Hoot Owl(no fishing aftern 2pm) restrictions are likely coming soon if the weather continues. Luckily we don’t get closures on the Flathead River so we can always do some dry fly fishing in cool water in the summer heat. For those set on fishing the Blackfoot or Clark Fork, dawn patrol is in your future.

The fishies are starting to get smart and it’s getting hot. Bring your A game or go for a dunk, it’s swimming season. It looks like we are forecast to get some cooler weather and maybe even moisture so lets hope…

We have some new logo schwag, bass/pike flies, and a few new trout patterns still coming in. Stop in and check the new goods and make sure to ask “what’s the best fly for Glacier?”.

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