There has been a lot of fussing and fighting over this whole lake trout netting deal in Flathead lake to protect native species. If FWP is worried about the cutthroat population you would think they would do everything possible to help them. Historically, mature cutthroat and bull trout used the Flathead River sloughs to winter so why would these regs be in place?

Exceptions to Western Fishing District Standard Regulations

Flathead River Sloughs: Brenneman, Church, Egan, Fennon, Half Moon, McWennegar, and Rose Creek


Hook and Line: 2 rods and/or lines with up to 2 hooks per line all year.
Combined Trout: 5 daily and in possession, only 1 over 22 inches.
Open entire year.
Cutthroat trout: 3 daily and in possession, no size limit


There probably aren’t many left anyway due to all the pike but still……It seems like there are some paths of less resistance that might help out our river cutts



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