The Flathead continues to provide good dry fly action. We’ve been hitting the water early to avoid the heat in the afternoon and have had good luck right out of the gate. Although the afternoon has been too warm for our liking, the fish haven’t seemed to mind. Go for a swim to cool off and keep on fish’n. Or go for a morning half day and then hit the lake in the afternoon. That’s what I’d do if I were you…

The fish are wising up. The puff ball/big foam stuff is getting less and less action. Small natural patterns are taking the lead in productivity at this point so you might need to adjust your program from a week ago. Little stones, caddis, and pmd variations are working well. A small chartreuse sally#16 with a #18 pmd last chance cripple have been working great. Micro stimi’s, small purple Rocky MTN Mints, rusty spinners, EZ caddis parachutes, Mini Hots, and anything small and natural is the ticket to find a few nicer fish. There are still a few fish reluctantly eating the big foam if you are struggling with the presentation of the smaller natural fibered flies, but it’s getting tougher. Ants, beetles, hoppers, and spruce moths will be showing soon.

It looks like another heat wave is headed our way so early is the most pleasurable temps for fishing enjoyment. Much of the state is suffering from warm water temps but we are lucky to have a glacial fed river that stays nice and cool all summer.

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