Fly Fishing the Flathead River Montana

20 degrees and fishing good! Bobby O playing a solid rainbow.

We were out again yesterday and the river fished good. Definitely more spot specific than before this cold snap but once we found fish they would cooperate. Nymphing was the obvious choice. Winter mode is here so look for the slower deep runs. Set the hook on even the slightest movement of the bobber….the takes are subtle in the freezing temps. The high yesterday never left the 20’s but there were plenty of fish to keep us smiling. No bugs right now. When it warms up a bit the midges should be around in the afternoons. The best time to be out is 12-4.

Flies: pat’s Rubber legs, double bead stones, SJW’s, purple holo prince, tung 20 inchers, glo bugs, eggs & legs

Flathead River Cutthroat

Westslope colors.

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