Flathead River Cutthroat

Flathead River Westlope Cutthroat

The weather is great! The fishing is fair. We’d love to tell you it’s dry flies all day long but it’s not. There are some fish up in the afternoons in certain spots if you know where to look. Slow banks, back eddies, and some of the froggy type water has some sippers cruising around.  Small mayfly patterns will work if you want to pick on the risers. A small p-tail soft hackle off a mid sized Purple Haze will get’m every time(the p-tail that is), even on a draggy drift. A good drift with some fine tippet is always helpful…or you can tie a dropper on an October caddis pattern and role it on down the river. Mornings are not the best fishing unless you want to nymph or throw streamers. The warmest part of the day has been best for risers and feeding trout in general.

Very nice weather is in the forecast. Sunshine and mid 60’s all week. The dry fly window is going to get smaller and smaller over the next couple weeks so you might want to take advantage of this last dose of indian summer before it shuts completely.

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