The Flathead River fished pretty well this past week. The rain event never materialized and the river dropped and cleared for over a week. The afternoons had some fish up eating little stones providing a window of dry fly fishing. It was nice. The rivers are on the rise again and the weather “experts” are calling for another monsoonal event this week. We’ll see. The cool weather has the lakes fishing well as an alternative to the high water. Balanced leeches, chironomids, callibaetis, scuds etc… Lakes will likely be your friend for a while and the fishing has been good.

This past Saturday was the general stream opener. The Upper Swan and all the other small streams in the area are now open. However, the rain in the forecast  won’t make them much of an option if it materializes. Go have a look, a couple feet of viz is all you need to give’r a go. We have gobs of salmon flies and goldens in shop for the next time you hit the rivers. A few new sparkle minnows too. See you soon.

Jason Lanier
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