Nice cutty on a parachute.

Great fishing today on the Flathead River. I guided a couple of high school kids visiting from Michigan and we caught a PILE of fish.  We got the net wet a bunch early with nymphs, then the bugs popped around 1pm and we fished single dries all afternoon. Plenty of rising fish to target and quite a few eating it blind too. P-chutes ruled the day. Lots of bugs out and about including midges, lots of little stones(both Capnia and Leuctridae) and few March browns. The risers seamed to want it a little smaller than I expected so we benched the skwala early and stuck with the purple haze. Solid fishing out there right now if you know where to focus your efforts. Showers and warmer weather could poop it out by the end of the week but the next couple days look promising.

Fly Patterns – Price’s Hare on Fire, Flexi G-bugs in Golden, brown and Black, SJWs, Princes, Halo princes, Tung 20 inchers, glo bugs, speckled double bead stones in peacock, hares-ear and black, purple haze, quig crips in purple  and brown, Small foamies in brown, black, olive, and purple, crystal buggers in olive and black, Flash minnows.

Little Leuctridae stone-fly.


Another nice westslope cutt.

Flathead River Fly Fishing - Glacier National Park

Looks like FWP hasn’t got’m all yet….



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