It has been a really cold February. However, the river looks great and is without flow ice. We had a trip on it last week. It was a bust. Too cold.  The winter holes look perfect though. Quite a few really nice inside corners with perfect slow swing speed to them. Good for the 2 hander or single hand bugger chucker/swinger. Also good for nymphing with minimal downstream mends. Nice even slow speed. We just need the temps to warm a hair before the fish come out of lock jaw mode. It won’t take much. A couple degree increase in water temp should do it.

Boat ramps are a bit sketchy at the moment. We launched under old steel and were able to get in-and-out ok. You gotta give’r the berries coming out or you might get stuck. Chains and a shovel are a good thing to bring along. March usually sees some warmer temps so we should have some good fishing opportunities soon.

Jason Lanier
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