Glacier Park Winter Fishing

Winter on the Flathead River

Our rivers are in winter mode. What does that mean? It means you can go nymph and catch fish whenever you want in the slower runs. Some days are better than others but a few fish usually make it to the net.  The streamer and dry fly fishing exist too but aren’t nearly as consistent as a tandem nymph rig.  Not to say we don’t have good dry fly fishing in the winter because we do, it just isn’t as steady as nymphing and usually only takes place in the afternoon. You just have to be in the right place at the right time on the right day…

Not much will change for the next couple months…. When we get a few late winter warm spells the small stones and midges will get more active and the fish will look up more often. Til then….

Winter Nymphs
– Speckled Double Bead Stones in Hairs Ear, Black, and peacock
– Tungston 20 incher stones
– Pat’s Rubber Legs in all colors
– SJWs in all colors
– Good old Prince nymphs large and small
– Purple and Red Halo Prince
– C-Johns in all colors
– Price’s Hair on Fire
– Pink psycho prince
– Winter glow bug variations

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