Flathead NOAA Prediction Graph

Unfortunately the Flathead is still off color. We had a few boats on it the last couple days and we’ve been able to catch a few fish but it’s not fishing well yet. Both forks are on a slight up-tick and carrying quite bit of color.  Once we get a couple more feet of viz with a little heat on the water the PMD and green drake fishing should be great. A few days on the drop and it should be good to go. Hopefully soon.

The Blackfoot is the place to be at the moment. Tons of salmon flies, golden stones, caddis, green drakes, and pmds are littering the surface in the afternoon and fish are looking up. There are also tons of boats. The Bitterroot and Clark Fork are out of shape so the Blackfoot is taking a beating from all the Missoula fishing traffic.  Chubbies, true stones, flush floaters, Morrish stones, D&D cripples, hair-wing cripples, Moosetail chutes, Rogue stones, PRLs, jigged rubber legs etc…

Our local lakes have been hit and miss but are still a decent option with the cool weather keeping the water temps in the zone for happy feeding.  We’re still throwing small TB bruised balanced leeches and PT jigs mostly.

The upper Swan is starting to fish too. If you’re heading up there bring SJWs, large stone nymphs, and some streamers. Also, bring your A game on the oars cuz it’s ripp’n.

Mother nature has thrown a wrench in our late June fishing with an excess of rain and high flows. The upside to the rain and cool weather is we are retaining our snow in the high country for late summer.

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