Rod Stultz with a typical grayling.

Lots of water has been coming out of the hills the last week or so. The snow pack around western Montana is quite a bit below normal in most drainages.  What does all this mean? Well, not much really. You could guess that everything is going to fish a little earlier this year and crap out a little earlier too. But Montana weather is unpredictable and anything can happen between now and the end of June.

Most of our rivers are high and unfishable right now. The local lakes are fishing great however and we’ve been having  fun dry fly fishing on our guide trips out at Rogers Lake. Typical lake flies are working well. Mini Leeches, Royal Flush Nymphs, Prince, Green Machines, soft hackles, p-tails, callibaetis nymph variations, purple haze, Para adams, and anything else you want to try.

We had a boat down on the Missouri this past few days as well and the fishing there is outlandish. Short leash nymphing has been really good with a variety of standard Missouri bugs. Dry fly opportunities are there too. Good success was had blind fishing the good old purple haze in larger sizes. The Mighty Mo will continue to provide excellent fishing through the run-off season for those who are willing to make the drive.

Locally, the Lower Swan and Bigfork Bay will provide a moving water option for the next few weeks. It’s not usually great for numbers but some nice fish are being caught. Stones, worms, and streamers. Lakers are usually here by White Water Fest and they’re a fun tug with the streamer rod. You can fill the cooler while your at it.

Bay Cutt

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