Run-off season is here. You have 2 options, go to the Missouri or fish a lake. Both are good options. Locally the bass and pike fishing will heat up and provide some fun fishing. We have poppers, pike flies, pike leaders, and crawdads if you’re heading in that direction. If you are hitting a local trout lake come get some leeches, chironomids, calibeatis nymphs, Ricard’s buggers and swimming nymphs. That should be all you need. Our shop dude Avery has been out catching a pile of grayling and cutthroat on our local lakes so pick his brain for some intel. If you’re headed to the Mo make sure to bring some czech nymphs, sow bugs, sow bugs, sow bugs and some sow bugs. Don’t forget your sow bugs either. Some hot beads sow bugs too. Baetis nymphs and little green machines should be in the mix too. Hopefully those post spawn bows are getting kicked out of the tribs and finding their lanes to hit the feed bag. A little warmer water and the bite should heat up nice. 

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