If you haven’t heard, we had a pretty substantial rain event. It blew out all of our rivers. The Blackfoot and the Clark Fork came up a bunch while the Flathead just picked up some color for a few days. Fishing has been tough. There have been some encouraging moments but it hasn’t been great. Wind, rain, off color/blown out rivers is what mother nature has handed us. We have been making the most of it and caching some fish but it hasn’t been easy.

Luckily it’s just about over we hope. The Flathead is in great shape and has plenty of visibility but it just hasn’t quite turned on yet. But there have been moments that make us think any day…Lots of PMDs in the late afternoon mixed with some golden stones, green drakes, and caddis will get some fish up if the damn wind and weather would cooperate. It looks like summer is going to hold out for a several more days so who knows what the weather is going to do this week. I’m ready!

The Blackfoot is fishable but not great. It’s really close and there are tons of bugs so anyday it’s going to pop. Maybe tomorrow…We just need the flows to continue to drop and a few days of stable warm weather and all the rivers are going to go off. Soon hopefully.

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