My kid’s collection of shucks from the Mile today.

Run-off is here and from the looks of the weather it’s here to stay for a while. There are still some tail-waters and lakes to fish for the meantime but your moving water options will be limited.  I just saw another photo of a huge Rainbow from the lower Swan from a guy who had never fished it before. HUGE!! The above pic was taken today right in town on the Swan. There are salmon flies everywhere.  The water is on the rise and the fish couldn’t care less about all the orange bombers flapping their wing down the river. But they might soon.

We’ve had a couple good pike reports recently and with all the sloughs filling up it should continue to get better. We just got a box full of new pike flies in today. Lots of red & white , chartreuse, and fire tiger stuff. Some red and white poppers too.

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