Morning sun on the MT sky as we ascend on a morning death march.

We have been pretty busy lately. A steelhead trip to BC then back to the Missouri to wrap up the season with a few days of guiding, then back over east on an elk hunt… whew! I haven’t done much elk hunting as I’m too busy in the fall guiding but this was a late season hunt so it worked out. It’s been a while since I’ve been on a legitimate hunt – I’ve mostly been whacking alfalfa fed meat does locally. Several years back I did a few seasons guiding mule deer hunts, and while it was fun, it really doesn’t compare to chasing herds of elk around the open country and timber. Watching a massive herd of 600lb animals bolt straight up a steep mtn side 30mph is pretty impressive. Cutting tracks and catching them at 50 yards in the timber is pretty intense too. It was nice to get back in the field and fill the freezer with elk meat. Unfortunately, I have been spoiled as we were able to drive right to my dead cow and load her into the back of a four wheeler (probably the only elk I will ever get out of the woods whole). I did have an opportunity to take a bull but the shot wasn’t quite there and I really just wanted to fill the freezer. Next time…

A BIG thanks to our friend Jack for taking us to his spot and putting us on hundreds of elk. What an incredible place!


A nice herd looking back after we shot our cow.


Glassing for elk.

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