Jet Boat Flathead River Fly Fishing

Our jet boat fabricator Hyrum with a nice rainbow he caught jet boat fishing with Ryan Stultz recently.

We have been doing quite a bit of fishing from power boats/jet boats (sleds) the last several years. It’s a great way to access remote water and also gives us the ability to avoid drift boat traffic. Jet boat fly fishing was popularized on the Missouri River several years ago. We have been using sleds on the Lower Clark Fork and Flathead River for a while too. It’s great for winter and spring fishing as it allows us to hop from spot to spot very quickly and focus our energy on the spots that hold fish.

We have a couple USCG licensed captains with sleds in our guide pool for the upcoming season. If you want to check out some new water with a jet boat, give us a call, space is limited…


Jason Lanier
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