We had a short break from the heat. It was nice to see upper 70s and low 80s for a couple days. Fishing has remained pretty good despite the above average heat we have been enduring. Looks like the forecast is calling for more 90s, no bueno for afternoon drift boat comfort or water temps. As of now the Clark Fork is basically off limits. Water temps are starting the day out at 67 and topping out at 72 – not what the fishies want. You can still go down there and catch fish, and many folks are, but it’s not good for the resource as you will likely be killing fish. We are trying our best to steer folks away for now. The lower Swan River is also very warm. Please bring a thermometer, it has been pushing 70 in the afternoon. Water temps peak in the evening so go early. Remember to limit fish handling and keep them in the water when fishing on rivers with water temp issues.

The Flathead main stem is still enjoying cool water temps, topping out around 62 – all good. The dry fly fishing has been pretty good last several days. Small attractors with little mayflies off the back are catching fish. Micro chubbies #14 & #16, stimis #14, Micro walkers#14 & #16, #18 purple Mints, #18 Purple haze, cripples & spinners #18, and little black stuff too.

We are starting to transition into terrestrial season. The hoppers in my field are about a half inch long. There are probably some bigger ones out there and the fish might have seen them. The aquatic insects are waning… A few PMDs left on the Flathead but that’s about it. Ants…

WARNING – someone drown at the swirly above hwy 35 next to the motor home park. The hydraulic there is no joke. Be careful and enter on the far right. Reel them up, sit down & center up. We would advise against tubing in this stretch as well. You do not want to swim through this hole.

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