The term Junuary came about to describe the January warm up that we often get this time of year. This one is pretty warm and lasting a while. It happens… It seems unusual this year because we had an 80 degree temp shift in about 10days. It went from -38 to +43 in a matter of days. It’s been an interesting winter to say the least. The River ice has cleared and floating has commenced. There is lots of shelf ice and a few changes in the river but nothing major. Forecast is calling for above freezing temps for the near future so you could probably go catch a few out there if you really wanted to. The skiing is shit so it’s a good alternative. Hopefully we’ll return to winter again soon or we’re gonna be in deep doo doo come July. There’s still lots of winter left so not overly concerned yet but our snow-pack is dismal.

Jason Lanier
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