Kast MX Pro

Kast MX Pro Waterproof Glove

Hopefully you have been using the Kast Steelhead Glove the last couple years. They have made winter fishing so much better on the hands. If you haven’t  heard of Kast Gloves you should check out their line up. Fully submersible waterproof fishing gloves that make rowing, pulling on a wet anchor rope, or handling running line in frigid temps WAY more tolerable. Kast recently released a new MX PRO Glove that is slightly lighter than the Steelhead Glove but still plenty warm. With a slmmed down wrist closure and slightly less insulation, the MX PRO is by far the most dexterous waterproof fishing glove out there. You can actually fish with them. I used them in BC this fall and was able to control mono running line well enough to keep them on all day in the 38 degree driving rain. A day saver for sure.

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