Bugs are out, fish are rising & the rivers are fishing well. Good dry fly fishing on the Clark Fork and Blackfoot the last several days. Fish are eating a variety of foam flies. Add a dropper if you can’t make the dry work. True stones, Juicy stones. Morrish stones, Henrys fork foam goldens, chubbies, rogues, or whatever foam-brew etc. Throw a big cripple or haze off the back for good measure.  Rubber legs, hot spot stones, TB jig P-tials, TB jig hairs ears, TB jig princes, Perdigons, SJWs, 20 bombs, DB stones, zurdles etc for the droppers.

Flathead is fishing decent as well. PMDs are the main gig. There are a few green drakes and maybe a golden stone or 2. Not many. The fish are still willing to eat a foam fly on a decent drift. Mixed reports out there for bugs and action. A few rain squalls the last couple days have thrown the bugs/fish a curve ball. It should get back on schedule. Hopefully the bugs will last through the heat wave.

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