We have been enjoying the weather and the fishing the last couple weeks. Crowds have thinned and the fishing has been consistent. The Clark Fork has been fishing good if you don’t mind the drive. The Flathead River has been fishing well on the warmer afternoons and a bit slow on the rainy colder days and mornings. October caddis, BWOs & mohagany duns are the aquatic bugs left on the menu for the season. Hoppers and ants on the warm afternoons while they last. The cooler nights have pushed the dry fly fishing to the warmth of the afternoons. Hopefully the next run of cool weather and moisture will get some mayflies to show up. We are still chugging along with boats out daily. We have been spending most of our time on the Clark Fork and Flathead. The local lakes are fishing well too and a good easy button for a local half day, especially if the weather is looking iffy. There are still lots of fishing days ahead before it starts getting cold.

Dry Fly Patterns

Moose Tails, P-Hazes, large orange elk hairs or mid sized orange stimis, small orange chubbies, Foam Run caddis, tilt wings duns, hoppers, chubbies, RP ants, Glomers, Micro chubs

Nymph Patterns

P-tail jigs, prince jigs, quill perdigons, hair jigs, small tung pats, SJWs, soft spot jigs, 20 bombs, brown tungstones, spanish bullets, princess jigs

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