Standard local rainbow with guide Ryan Stultz.

You can feel it, the shift in season is starting to happen. A little color in the cotton wood trees, the angle of the sun, longer afternoon shadows, back to school ads, and the first sightings of the Hecuba may fly are all signs that the dog days are behind us and fall is coming.

Cool temps in the forecast will make for pleasant afternoons and good all dry fly fishing. Hoppers and terrestrials will continue to work well as the mayflies creep their way into mix. The moisture event earlier in the month gave us a glimpse of the Blackfoot and Clark Fork’s fishing to come – great afternoon dry fly fishing…The water temps are inching slightly back to the happy zone and after this week of cooler weather we should see improving afternoon dry fly opportunities, especially on the Clark Fork.

The Flathead continues to provide all day dry fly action on a variety of patterns. Lots of small cutthroat but a few bigger fish should start to show up as the summer traffic slows down and fish from the upper forks start to fall back into the lower river.

Dry flies of the Week – Moose Tail Chute #10, purple haze, pink morish, baby chubbies, uv flying ants, small fuzzy wuzzies, true wasp & house fly, #10 last chance cripple drake, peach white cloud hoppers

Nymphs of Week – Nope

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