The Lower Swan River access at Rainbow Drive has been permanently closed and there are now NO TRESPASSING signs displayed. The land owners complained to the Lake County commissioner about crowds, parking, garbage etc…

I know a lot of local responsible folks who enjoyed using this access regularly who would like to see it re-open. The problem is not going to disappear by closing this public access. Closing this access will only shift the problem down stream to the S. Ferndale Drive Bridge where parking is even more limited and boat access is difficult. S. Ferndale Drive also sees more automobile traffic which will cause conflicts with floaters, fisherman, and trailers as this access abuts the road. Rumor has it they will eventually kelly-hump and limit access and parking at the bridge too. The long term goal is to shift recreation traffic to the FWP site a couple miles down river, cutting our float in half. This float is only 4 miles long and to loose half of it would be a BIG bummer for the local community.

Anyone who wants this access to remain open should CALL AND EMAIL the Lake County Commissioner and let him know how you feel.

Lake County Commissioner
Bill Barron
(406) 883-7204
[email protected]

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