We just received a heavy dose of rain and snow the past few days. Not real pleasant to be out in all day but a welcomed event. We gained some substantial snow pack! upwards of a couple feet in the high country. All good news for those late summer days when those grasshoppers are kick’n around. Hopefully we will get some more.  Only mother nature really knows how the summer will play out.

The rivers have been in and out of shape all spring. We’ve had some great windows of opportunity this year on the freestones during what is normally peak run-off. The rivers are back on the rise and we will likely get a big push with the recent moisture and warming weather in the forecast. Bass, pike, and still water trout lakes are going to be the go to spots in the near future. Also, keep your eye on the Thompson River and some of the Rez streams as they usually comes into shape ahead of the rest.

Construction in downtown is about done. Whitewater Fest is this weekend and we have Derek Young the Sawyer Oar rep hanging with a tent at the shop. He should have a bunch of ultra sexy oars to look at. Sean is also teasing that he might bring the smoker down for some BBQ and smoked meat treats. There might even be a keg of beer. Who knows… Let’s see how the weather plays out. It’s look’n good.

Hope to see you all this weekend!

Jason Lanier
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