Happy St Pats!! You should be throwing skwalas drinking some green beer today!

More snow and winter weather is on its way. We don’t really need it up here in the Flathead drainage but most of the state could use some more water in the hills. Cold and windy for the next couple days….normal weather for this time of year.  The Flathead Main Stem was carrying some color yesterday and is on steep rise. The cold weather should bring it right back and it should be fishing again in a couple days.

The Bitterroot has been fishing good with the skwala and finally got a much needed bump in flows. This will be the place to be for the next couple weeks if you want consistent action on the big dry fly. The Clark Fork should start to shine on top too. It can be a role of the dice this time of year for skwala eats but you won’t have the crowds on the Clark Fork. You can always dig a few out on nymphs and streamers otherwise. The Missouri doesn’t need much mention as it’s always a good option. Just a bit of a drive.

I heard of a couple fish in the Bay recently. The fishing should pick up on the lower Swan and in the Bay with the bump in flows and the warmer weather we have had. There has been a few folks wading around town the last week or so. No need for a boat right now as the water is still plenty low for wading.

We have quite few folks taking advantage of our spring special the first couple weeks of Arpil. Of course we still have guides itching to get out and stretch their arms so give us a call if you want to get out on the water before run-off. The Flathead, Missouri, Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot are all good options right now.

Some new bugs showing up at the shop and we will make an effort to open the doors more often in the coming weeks. Feel free to call our mobile and we’ll come open the doors for you. Chances are I’m at home changing a diaper and would love the opportunity to escape.

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