The NRS Otter Dodger with NRS fishing frame and new Dodger stern mount / anchor system is a really nice no-compromises fishing package. Add a Montana Raft Trailer and this is about as good as it gets. We’ve put a few of these packages together this spring for folks looking forward to the summer float season.

The Dodger has quite a few advantages over other boats in its class.  Larger 20″ side tubes, diminished bow / stern tubes, lighter weight, and slightly larger size than the average fishing boat.

The Dodger falls between the standard 14′ rec boat and 13.5′ fishing boat. Most fishing boats are too narrow or too short to accommodate 3 fishermen and gear comfortably, not to mention overnight gear. Standard 14′ boats are just too big and heavy to portage, trailer and maneuver well for fishing. The NRS Dodger at 13’9″ x 6’5″ with diminished tubes for extra room is ultra lite for its size class and allows for easy portaging and nimble maneuvering through boulder gardens and tight log jams.

The most popular fly fishing guide boat we see, other than NRS Otters, is the Sotar Strike. The Sotar Strike took over the Missoula area about 10 years ago and has become one of the most popular guide boats in the area until the last few years with the introduction of the Dodger. So let’s compare a few things. First let’s talk price. The Strike retails at $5260. But wait, it doesn’t come with a frame chafe or a bottom skid chafe. Say what? True, it does NOT come with either, and not only that, but to add them you’re talking an extra $700 and 30lbs of added weight.  Now we are looking at a  price of $5960($1410 more expensive) and a weight of 125lbs(22lbs heavier than the Dodger). Size is the other issue here. Both boats row great and can handle anything as far as fishing waters we guide. Where the Dodger excels is in the way it handles weight distribution. Its larger side tubes and slightly wider / longer profile keep it floating higher and we’ve noticed better rowing performance when loaded down.

Give us a call when you’re ready to attach one these to your rig and we’ll get you a quote.

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