The Clark Fork or Blackfoot have been the place to be if you can commit to a full day with some driving. The Flathead has been hit or miss. Mostly miss. It’s been windy in the afternoons most days making dry fly fishing with little dries tough – and that’s what the fish want. Clark Fork and Blackfoot have been way more consistent. Dry dropper and double dries in the afternoons. Look at our last report for fly recommendations. Not a lot of bugs out in this warm sunny weather. A few October caddis but not much else. It would be nice to see some legitimate mayfly hatches, nada so far this fall. Maybe the next weather cycle will do the trick.

Avery got this beast of a brown on a recent guide trip on the Clark Fork. It didn’t eat an ant. Fall is the time of  year a few beastly brown trout slip up as they migrate to their natal streams to spawn. We have boats out daily so give us a call if you want to squeeze in a fall trip before old man winter shows up.

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