Guide Doug Schwartz with a stud westslope from the Flathead this week.

We love October! Cool weather, big fish, dry fly fishing, not too many other boats… The last few weeks have been good. Some nice fish coming to the dry fly. The afternoons are the best for rising fish and bugs but the am is still productive with a streamer or a dropper. Mohoganies. BWOs, and October caddis are what you want to have. DOA cripples, Harrop cripples, brindle chutes, purple haze, moose-tails, #8 Orange elk hair caddis or a #10 orange stimi, Foust’s road kill, small orange chubbies etc, lots of patterns will work. Cripples and parachutes in #14-#18 and a few #10 caddis patterns will do. Looks like we have some clouds and moisture in the forecast so look for solid afternoon dry fly fishing and mayfly activity.

We have a few more weeks of dry fly opportunity. Pretty soon you’ll have to look at the bobber or swing a bugger – get it now before she gets cold. Although we don’t mind chasing our big migratory cutties in the winter with streamers and nymphs, we sure like to see them eat dry flies and now is the time. Besides, you can rake the yard and roll up the hoses in November right?

We still have boats out on the water so give us a call if you want to get out for a float. Limited hours in the shop the next few weeks but you can always give us a call.

Hopper chugger

October caddis gulper

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