Lots of stuff happening out there right now. The weather is like a yo-yo. Nice and sunny one day and blowing rain the next. The fishing can be a bit of a head scratcher with all the random weather and bugs.  Still some tricos, still some pseudos, still some ants, with October caddis, bwos, and mohoganies all in the mix…What to do? Go throw a parachute adams and catch some fish. This past week was really nice weather and the fishing was pretty darn good. That might be the last of the warm weather so hopefully you took advantage. Waders and mayflies from here on out.

Flathead River – The mainstem has been fishing good, not easy, but good. Well, some days are easier than others. Fish have been up in some slick water sipping ants and little mayflies. Some REALLY nice fish actually. But they ain’t easy… A little cripple or ant on some 5x with a reach mend will go a long way. On any river for that matter. There are still some easy fish willing to jump on right next to the boat, they are usually smaller than the ones you see sipping in the glassy tailout. October caddis, mohaganies and blue wings will be the main bugs for the next couple weeks but the ants and pseudos might pop out if the sun and warm weather return.

Blackfoot River – October caddis, mohaganies, and BWOs in the afternoons. Looks like some cold nights in the forecast will make this a dud in the early morning so if you go, go late. Or plan on running droppers or nymphing until things warm up. You could also throw some streamers as it is fall and the potential for an XL creature is always intriguing, but it’s usually a fool’s errand. Solid dropper fishing anyhow.

Clark Fork River – Good am dropper fishing and streamer bite with decent mayfly fishing in the afternoons. Clouds are always welcome but aren’t always necessary. Some October caddis fluttering around so twitching an orange foamy in the afternoon is an option if the mayfly thing doesn’t materialize. Or just leave the dropper on.

Swan River – A few fish looking for the dry. An October caddis or over sized parachute should be all you need on top. An orange turd or October caddis poopa with a SJW will produce under an indicator. Quite a few folks coming in looking for big white streamers heading to the upper river… Don’t be that guy. Most of the bull trout spots are closed so pay attention to the regs if you are heading to the upper river.  Nothing more lame than an IG post of some colored up bull trout from an ankle deep river this time of year. You’re not a hero bruh. Sure, you will incidentally catch them if you are nymphing up there but you know what we’re talking about.

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