Warm and sunny has been the situation. While it’s nice to still be in sandals, it would be helpful to get some moisture and clouds to get the mohoganies and BWOs rolling. It looks like clouds and moisture are heading our way for the weekend.

Flathead River Fly Fishing Report

The Flathead has been consistently showing some rising fish late morning through the afternoon recently. Fish are scattered through-out the river still. You can find them in glassy flats and shallow insides sipping little dead stuff if you look. They aren’t easy but a #18 mayfly parachute will fool them if presented properly. Some decent size fish are showing themselves so bring your A game and some 5x and you should be able to pluck a few respectable trout out there.

Blackfoot River Fly Fishing Report

It’s been a bit busy. Sunny warm days have it a little congested but the fishing is decent and the crowds will ghost this weekend when the weather goes south. Some fish rising late mornings on little dead stuff in the flat water. A small mayfly pattern will work.  October caddis are fluttering around and a few mayflies are out in the afternoons. An October caddis with a cripple off the back or a deep jig mayfly dropper will work well.  Plenty of bull trout attacks out there to spice up the day as well. Things will change as we get some cold wet weather. Look for some BWOs and Moho duns this next weather cycle.

Clark Fork Fly Fishing Report

The Lower Clark Fork has been fishing well. Not nearly the fall mayfly action we would like to see but still plenty of fish in the net on the average day. Attractor foam flies and deep droppers on the edges, ledges, drop offs, and nugget fields will produce all day. It’s always worth trying the mayfly rod after lunch even on the bright sunny days that are void of bugs and risers – you can usually blind fish up a few good ones.  Prince jigs, micro tung turds, and tung mayfly jigs are the getters underneath. Clouds and moisture this weekend should get the fish looking up in the afternoons.

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