Now that the recent rains have passed through we are starting to see some options open up. The Blackfoot is fishing well. Salmon flies are getting attention and the streamer bite is steady in the off color water. With the Bitterroot and Clark Fork still high and not a great option, the majority of Missoula will be found here until things improve. So if your planning to throw the big orange fly, you’d better go now before they are gorged and tired of the fakes. Soon enough the orange foam will be a red light and you’ll want to think about smaller goldens and big mayfly patterns to get them to commit. Art Sparkle minnows, double yum yums, and any of your favorite dead chickens will get attention before the water clears up and the big ones go hide for the summer.

The Flathead River is also coming into shape. It’s still carrying some color and finding fishable water is a challenge but you can get a few out there with turds, worms, and streamers. NOAA is predicting another small increase in flows, and if it materializes, it could put it off again. But they’re not always right so keep an eye on it, if it continues to drop the fishing is going to get good in a hurry.

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