The rivers are all on the rise. Typical for this time of year. The big run-off won’t really get going for another month-ish so we still have some good fishing between now and then. Our freestone streams will continue to see fluxuations in flows as warm spells kick out some lower elevation snow. These early spring flow increases usually don’t last too long so keep and eye on the graphs and plan your days on dropping flows. Or just grab your squirmies and go for it, big fish are dumb in the spring when the flows are up.  Some of our local lakes should be opening up any day to fill in the gaps when the rivers are out of shape. New flies, sun hoodies, fly boxes, rods, BFA schwag, and everything else will be trickling in over the next month. Stop by if you see the lights on.

We are looking for employees for the summer. Send a resume if you have some fly fishing experience and wanna hang in the shop for the season. Be patient with our shop hours as we don’t have summer help yet and are out guiding. Shop hours won’t be consistent for a while so give us a call before you head in.

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