The Flathead system has been on the rise. Both forks are up and putting a bunch of color in the river. They are also jacking around the flows out of the dam so the fish are out of there comfort zone at the moment. Fishing has been not so good the last few days as a result. We all like stability in our life, fish do too. That’s just the way it goes this time of year. Up and down/good and bad as the spring weather melts the low level snow. The big push is still a ways off. We have some cool temps in the forecast that should help bring it back into shape, barring any major rain event. The forecast is also calling for rain so we’ll see. The fishing has been great up until this recent spike in flows and we were even getting some good dry fly fishing starting to happen. Hopefully we’ll get another go around. Watch the graphs and keep your fingers crossed for it to stabilize and drop a bit so the fish can get happy again.

The Missouri is always a good option during run-off. Nymphing and streamer fishing will provide. With the Bittterroot, Blackfoot, and Clark Fork all on a steep rise, the Mo is about the only thing going. The floaty boat masses will be headed in that direction soon.

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